Do The Work. It’s Worth It.


Do the work, it’s worth it.

I don’t get writers block. I don’t ever have that stumped feeling, ‘what should my character do next’. I literally only have to put my fingers to the key pad and my characters continue the playacting that is their one-dimensional world. What I do get is, ‘I do not want to write what I have to write next.’ I just recently put off writing my characters into a scene at the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. I knew they needed to go there but I just didn’t know anything about the place and was not feeling up to the work of world building. So, I put it off.

This is a form of self destruction. It’s laziness. It wastes so much time. So, I piss and moan about it for a few days. When I finally, pull my head out of the ground and do the work, I can’t believe all the little things about the oasis that come together to make a perfect scene which I hammer out in a few hours.

This happens pretty much anytime my characters go to a destination that must have a bit of legitimacy. (I have no idea how I got through Elizabeth Tudor: Ancestry of Sorcery which is wholly legit.)(Oh yeah, it took me an entire YEAR to write that novel.) Then I regret all the time I wasted and I beat myself up about it, because lets face it I have a few hours to get a full work week of stuff done.

My point is…do the work, it’s worth it, always.


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