I am just going to come out and say it. I am in a holding pattern. I have lost sight of the dream. I have lost sight of my self. I HATE  the stories inside my head that will not leave me alone and yet will not come out in a way others of my craft feel the need to legitimize. I feel legit. Inside. Deep down in the place that is way insecure, the place that needs others, I feel satisfied. Enough people have told me I’m brilliant. My ego has been satisfied. So, now what?  What do I want? I’m floundering. I’m suffering. I’m not having fun any more. What do I do? Take my own advice? Of course, but no, when the motivation behind it all leaves you and you see that there are more important things in life than telling other peoples stories, then what. What in the name of all that is good and holy do you do? Who are you when that part of you, the part that defined so much of your self image languishes?Photo on 5-22-17 at 7.40 PM

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