Oh the difference time can make. I am always surprised by how true this is, especially in writing. I have so many times written something I considered perfect and let it sit for a few months. When I come back I can feel that excitement in my belly, I’m thrilled to read the thing I knew I wrote so well. More times than not I finish the perfect section confused. Who messed on my computer? This isn’t what I remember writing. This sort of sucks. So, I edit like a mad woman and come out on the other side of it with something way better something pretty much perfect.

Cycle reboot. Wash rinse repeat.

I wonder if anything will ever be, just right? I wonder if published books are an embarrassment to their authors ten years down the road.

I guess this says a lot about the writing process. The more you do it the better you become. Yes, that is my take-away. My craft is just a chipped and fractured pebble right now, nice as that is, someday it will be a smooth, glittering marble. I’m energized by this process.

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