just trying to see if this thing is working….

Hello, can you hear me?

Here is a quote from my book BLOOD OF THE GODS

        As I come up to a sharp curve, which I maneuver in a familiar manner, an electrifyingly brilliant bolt of lightning strikes the road not a hundred feet in front of me.  I slam on my breaks. The tires screech as they stop me. My old dilapidated car whines, clunks, then shudders, and finally stalls into silence.

     I look up to see the darkness outside gone. I am suddenly surrounded by a web of voltage. Lightning sizzling in astounding repetition. I feel like I am under the end of a massive, crackling, electrical wire. Flashes of white energy strike at the hard-pack dirt, sturdy pine trees, and creviced road. They bounce in a pattern that is terrifyingly beautiful, each spidery finger of heat leaving behind dark welts.

      Then it is done. Just like a firework display; awe and amazement cut off and silence darkness, and smoke remain.


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