Flossy Thomas


So, I have only had people say really good things about my book, but I finally got my first 1 star review on amazon and let me tell you it was a doozy. My husband’s response was, “What can we find out about this lady? Let’s hunt her down.” I laughed at him. Love that he is on my side. But honestly, it felt fine to have someone say something besides good about it. You can’t improve with out criticism, RIGHT? (Now don’t everyone rush to give my book a bad rating, for the sake of helping me grow.) My issue is that she didn’t really offer much to help. No comments about plot, or story, or characters. The main thing she complained about was editing, fair, it’s in the process of being reedited by my publisher as we speak. She also comments on my research, which is a non-issue to me because I’m fully confident in that vein. But my point is, I have found a place in me that I didn’t know existed. I’m not upset. I always thought I would be, but I’m not. I’m grateful that I understand where I deserve criticism and where I don’t and how I deal with both as an author. So thank you Flossy Thomas. Thank you.


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