Today is my first day SPREADING THE LOVE OF BOOKS challenge. I will post a cover of a book that I love each day for 7 days.

My sister Esther challenged me months ago to do this but it seemed a ridiculous task to limit it to my top 7 books, (Seriously impossible) so I’m going to be true to my nature (a rebel) and do it for several weeks.

I will make some nominations in the comments.

First there are so many reasons books become favorites. Nostalgia, Love of characters, Timing, Lessons learned, Humor that just gets you, ETC.

This first book–it just has to go here at #1– it hurt me, haunted me, made me bawl, laugh and scream out loud for justice, and then healed me. And the best part of all. It’s a true story. Enjoy!

Image result for UNBROKEN

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