Let’s talk about one aspect of a writers life you might not know about.

The writer HUSTLE demands a blood toll, and it is: bug people for reviews.This is a terrible price.(my poor friends) A uncomfortable ask (most writers are introverted). A sensitive request.( There is nothing worse than to give your book to someone and never hear from them again.Even if the news is bad, just rip the bandaid off. We need to know if our story sucks, in your opinion. But I digress.)

The worst thing a READER can do is read a book, love it and TELL NO ONE.

In this day and age, reading for your friend–while totally appreciated and a hopefully mutually beneficial situation i.e.you support them and they entertain you with their mad writing skills–JUST READING is not enough. I’m sorry.

Readers MUST, I repeat MUST review the books they read. (Please for the love of all that’s good and holy.) You have no idea what those reviews do for your author friend.

  1. The first 20 reviews are not even counted as important to most readers. Because people assume that its just your friends and family that did it. (Unless you are me. I have zero family members that review my books. 😔 hint hint you know who you are)
  2. The reviews that equal more than 20 or 30 start to get attention from readers on the hunt, i.e. “this book looks legit”.
  3. It also gets attention from publishing sights like amazon which equals free advertising via recommendation.
  4. It tells potential readers more about the book than any blurb the author writes could.
  5. Crowd appeal matters.
  6. It gets more sales which equals more readers which equals more reviews and so on.

So next time you read your friends book, or your mother-in-laws memoir, or some random book you picked up at a thrift store. RATE IT, please. Whether you liked it or not.

I love you all, Theresa.

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