4 Zombie Stories That Don’t Bite

So I am not a huge zombie lover. I have a ‘if it doesn’t really freak me out then I will read it’ relationship with these books. They can be super fascinating and super scary. But here are a few that were tolerable. In fact I really loved THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS. It […]

I Heart Kasie West and People Like Her

Sweet, sweet romance. I do love me some smoochy-woochy , lovey-dovey.  I just don’t like it when authors take it ‘all the way’ (especially when the characters are teenagers).  Sometimes you run across an author that you just can trust. One you know will give you a fantastic story but also stay within the morality lines […]

Do The Work. It’s Worth It.

Do the work, it’s worth it. I don’t get writers block. I don’t ever have that stumped feeling, ‘what should my character do next’. I literally only have to put my fingers to the key pad and my characters continue the playacting that is their one-dimensional world. What I do get is, ‘I do not […]

5 Romantic Teen Books That Are SOOO Good But A Little Too Naughty

  SO, uhm, these books are what I like to call Adult books about teens. Which is pretty self explanatory, right? Just in case… These book have WAY too much ADULT stuff to be appropriate for a teen audience but because the characters are teenagers they are considered YOUNG ADULT.  So where do we classify these stories? How do we […]

How To Get It All Done: A Busy Mom Following Her Dreams

People ask me all the time how I manage to home school, cook dinner, be an awesome friend and write. I have one thing to say on this subject: you/we/I find time to do what is important to us. PERIOD! When I am on a diet, exercise and food prep are super important and I […]

Blood Of The Gods Update!

Hi all ya’ll. I just wanted to celebrate. I have been working on a major rewrite of a story I finished seven years ago, and today, while the kids were at school I finished the first draft. This rewrite has been massive, like deleting 40,000 words and adding 45,000 words. I am really proud of […]

Sporty Girl + Hunky Boy = Cute YA Reads

So, I wish I could hit a ball or kick a ball or toss a ball… pretty much I wish I could control a ball instead of get hit in the head by them. If you’re like me the only way you will ever get anywhere near competency in a sport is to live vicariously […]

Love Them or Hate Them: Dragon Books

I don’t know about you, but I love a good Fantasy story. I am finding that as I get older I get a bit more picky about the type of  Fantasy I will read. One type of story I find myself UNinterested in; anything that involves dragons. I know many people find the mystical creature which […]

Ancestry of Sorcery Book Trailer

I’m excited to announce that my first book trailer is done! Watching it makes me even more excited about the release of the book in January! Feel free to share it!

Four Books Your Middle Schooler Will Love

I know that once kids hit the middle school years, it can be a little tougher to find books that they love to read! I am hoping to come up with a few lists of books that will keep kids engaged and loving reading, because I love reading. Here is my first list of four […]