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Blood of the Gods The Jane Household After forever, the little clock in the Coffee Hut finally got its hour hand to three. Quitin’ time.  I coax my old Chevy the ten blocks to my house and hustle my butt up to my room to start southern belleafying myself for my performance at the Pristine […]

I’m tired of waiting… so…

Chapter 1 Julia: The Coffee Hut A tiny bit of white caramel-infused foam splashes onto my thumb as I snap the lid on bleary-eyed Karen’s daily caramel macchiato. The timing of this daily hand-off is vital, so I leave the foam there, and, gripping the metal frame of the drive-up window, carefully swing the cup […]


So I have this book….I wrote it 10 years ago. It’s different from my other work because it is semi-autobiographical. I’m going to start posting it on here, chapter by chapter, just because I want it to get out to the world. I hope you like it.

BEST SELLERS LIST/ Extending Raffle until 11/6

There are two important numbers on this post. First, look at that beautiful review number. **8** I am so grateful for that support. SECOND, my book has risen two slots to #5 on the new release best seller list(YA category.) That is because of YOU!! Thank you. —‐—–‐‐-BUT I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP‐——– I have […]

The RELEASE PARTY RAFFLE is over 11/01. I hope you win!

Hey, thank you a million times to all those who participated in the Guardians of the Garden release party Raffle. I will be sending emails to those who won and will also send out a special addition of my NEWLETTER with a list of winners names next week. A big thanks to all those who […]

ONLINE RELEASE PARTY!!! (Starting October 1st.)

Hey you amazing people, here is your chance to win some free BOOKS! My book GUARDIANS OF THE GARDEN comes out OCTOBER 6TH and to celebrate those of you who have preordered it and those that will buy it in the month of October, I am doing an awesome Raffle where I am giving away […]

Artist Renditions of my Guardians Characters

Look at these renditions of my characters! They are amazing. Which do you like best?


Let’s talk about one aspect of a writers life you might not know about. The writer HUSTLE demands a blood toll, and it is: bug people for reviews.This is a terrible price.(my poor friends) A uncomfortable ask (most writers are introverted). A sensitive request.( There is nothing worse than to give your book to someone […]


Hello!! Thank you for opening up this newsletter. I am so grateful for your support. I have some exciting things happening: First I am so happy to announce the release date of my book OCTOBER 6TH. This book has been 8 years in the making and is my baby. I am so excited for you […]