Flossy Thomas

  So, I have only had people say really good things about my book, but I finally got my first 1 star review on amazon and let me tell you it was a doozy. My husband’s response was, “What can we find out about this lady? Let’s hunt her down.” I laughed at him. Love […]

Winter titles that will keep you warm

Here is a non-Christmas Winter Round-up that left me feeling entertained but made me feel the chill of the weather.  Most are set in the snowy months but all are wonderful in their own way. Enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate, and a blazing harth, go on, you deserve it. SHIVER; LINGER; FOREVER by […]

Books That Will Keep You Warm This Fall

    I wanted to do a round-up with all different kinds of book genre’s in it, but what would be the perimeters?  After much deliberation I give you a small list of titles that are: snuggle up on the couch, get obsessed for a weekend, keep your mind rolling while the wind is blowing […]

just trying to see if this thing is working….

Hello, can you hear me? Here is a quote from my book BLOOD OF THE GODS         As I come up to a sharp curve, which I maneuver in a familiar manner, an electrifyingly brilliant bolt of lightning strikes the road not a hundred feet in front of me.  I slam on […]

Submissions Are Open!

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Oh the difference time can make. I am always surprised by how true this is, especially in writing. I have so many times written something I considered perfect and let it sit for a few months. When I come back I can feel that excitement in my belly, I’m thrilled to read the thing I […]


I am just going to come out and say it. I am in a holding pattern. I have lost sight of the dream. I have lost sight of my self. I HATE  the stories inside my head that will not leave me alone and yet will not come out in a way others of my […]

Why do I do this?

If any of you are reading ELIZABETH TUDOR and don’t want to have a notion of certain developments later in the story ruined, cease construing pronto!! This process of writing is very exposing and brutal and I have no idea why I keep doing it. So, because of who I am and what I stand […]

A Few Thoughts About Self Publishing

Now that my book has been published, I have a few thoughts that I wanted to share with you, my beloved readers. I went with a printer called Bookbaby, and things didn’t quite go as planned. There is a lot more to publishing than just printing out a book. It turns out that distribution is […]

I Heart Kasie West and People Like Her

Sweet, sweet romance. I do love me some smoochy-woochy , lovey-dovey.  I just don’t like it when authors take it ‘all the way’ (especially when the characters are teenagers).  Sometimes you run across an author that you just can trust. One you know will give you a fantastic story but also stay within the morality lines […]