v2GUARDIANS OF THE GARDEN is a 90,000 word Fantasy set in a near-future Garden of Eden where a small diverse group with supernatural abilities guard the garden from longtime foes obsessed with the power of immortality the tree of life offers.

Miriam, a guardian in Edenia, has developed a new kind of invasive power that alienates her from her friends and family. This ability causes the normally dedicated sixteen-year-old to loathe her duties and triggers a fierce desire to leave her home in favor of experiencing the outside world where her powers will disintegrate. However, Miriam’s perspective changes when her ability perfectly combats a new threat from within.

Seventeen-year-old Seth assumes his parents are moving their family from Cairo to America for two reasons; to protect them from the rapidly growing dangers of the middle east and to provide better medical care for his dying sister. However, when they arrive in Edenia, a strange village in no-where Missouri instead of a specialized hospital, Seth realizes his sisters life is in his hands and the only way to save her is to betray the weird people of Edenia.

New-comer Seth’s handsome face and secrets make Miriam feel queasy from the beginning but when she finds out he’s made a deal with a family of mercenaries hell-bent on destroying the tree of life to bottle immortality, the guardian within her blossoms and she finds the strength to ignore her budding feelings for Seth and her hatred of her powers to take him and her enemies down.

She just wasn’t expecting the fight of her life.