Nine year old Elizabeth Tudor lives in a time where the farce of mysticism is acceptable and sought out. However, if you are a true sorceress, like her mother Anne Boleyn was, you end up with your head rolling away from the chopping block.

In the beginning, Elizabeth is ignorant of the fact that sorcery has been hidden within the female line of her family for centuries. Without a mother to train her when her abilities manifest themselves, Elizabeth struggles to learn about her new talents and naturally screws things up royally. Eventually she is forced to set some moral restrictions on herself because she is far too strong to stay hidden.

Unfortunately, as she grows and becomes more powerful, she catches the eye of someone dangerous, her sister, Queen Mary who only needs the slightest excuse to make Elizabeth’s life miserable. Soon the vast and powerful Inquisition of Bloody Mary seeks to ravage Elizabeth’s home and loved ones and begins to threaten her own royal neck. Doubts that she is brave and strong enough to defeat the rulers of her land, lead her to break her own moral code and unleash her hidden powers on the court of England.


Elizabeth Tudor, the bastardized daughter of King Henry the VIII, and Robert Dudley have forever been two names intertwined. Elizabeth’s childhood friend was always suspected of being the ‘virgin queens’ lover, but was he? Also, Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn, was said to be a sorceress, for only one with magic could have convinced King Henry VIII to rip a strong country to bits.

How would history look if both of these fantasies were true?

Though I follow the historical events of Elizabeth Tudor’s life, this is a story, first and fore most, of Elizabeth and Robert’s friendship and love for one another. However Elizabeth’s royal blood and magical blood deeply color the couple’s path.

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FILLOS: Ancestry of Sorcery book II

In book two of the Ancestry of Sorcery series, a teenage Elizabeth Tudor continues her budding romance with her childhood friend Robert Dudley. Together they face love and heartache so intense it shakes the foundations of their faith and has Elizabeth almost forgetting her ancestral ambition for the crown. Through the struggles of war, imprisonment, arranged marriages, and death, Elizabeth must use her genius and her magic to protect herself and her loved ones and to outwit those who mean to steal her future.