On her birthday, Elizabeth Tudor steps away from the celebration distracted by an exceptionally brilliant harvest moon. As she gazes upward, the familiar light surrounding the heavenly orb dances, swirls, then coalesces, dropping out of the heavens to hit the princess quite shockingly in the face. The moment the light touches Elizabeth, her skin begins to glow, which is most definitely a problem. Even more unsettling, Elizabeth soon finds herself casting about her own orbs of light. These orbs somehow give her an unearthly control over the mind and willpower of her loved ones and force her to ask the same deadly question that took her own mother’s life: could she possibly be a sorceress? As the disturbing manifestations continue to multiply, a distressed Elizabeth is suddenly faced with a new issue. She receives an eerie invitation from her murdered mother, Anne Boleyn. Unable to stop herself, Elizabeth is swept away on a quest to uncover an ancestral secret that may change not only her, but the very fabric of England’s future.

This coming of age story invites the reader to reimagine a well known story. The author delves deeply into the heart and mind of a very young Elizabeth Tudor and follows her as she progresses from a promising, potential monarch, to the historic virgin queen we all crave to know more about.


FILLOS: Ancestry of Sorcery book II


In book two of the Ancestry of Sorcery series, a teenage Elizabeth Tudor continues her budding romance with her childhood friend Robert Dudley. Together they face love and heartache so intense it shakes the foundations of their faith and has Elizabeth almost forgetting her ancestral ambition for the crown. Through the struggles of war, imprisonment, arranged marriages, and death, Elizabeth must use her genius and her magic to protect herself and her loved ones and to outwit those who mean to steal her future.