Hey Ya’ll! What’s shakin’?

I’m Theresa Pocock and through magic or determination you have made it to my website which makes me pretty stoked.

I am an author of Fantasy novels, a book reader and rater.

A little EXTRA about me: I am little bit southern, part Choctaw Indian, a tad Cajun French, a scoop of hell-fire-and-damnation mid-western and a whole lotta cowboy kickin’, potato pickin’ small town Idaho girl (who currently lives in the lavender sniffin’ pacific northwest). I’m a mama bear, a dinner cooking wife and a loyal friend. I also claim to be a decent singer, wanna-be dancer, sub-par oil painter, video game player, adventure chaser, board game winner, history studier, homeschooler, and an all around prayin’, praisin’, Jesus lover.

Back to the reason you are here…my books.

I have been writing for half my life. I started in seventh grade when my new best friend took me home to her librarian mother and she introduced us both to writing. This was before the internet or really computers in every home. I did my first story on a typewriter. My father encouraged me and kept all my little stories until his dying day (they were totally cringy, believe me). He also kept a dream journal for me (I had some whoppers) which he thought might be helpful in my creative pursuits.

*And in true GenX form I just used the word cringy and whopper in the same paragraph.*

My first official story was written as a 25 year old, new mother. Nap times needed to be filled with something (I’m not the “clean during a nap” sort of person, I’m a “burn my creative juices off while the children are unconscious” sort of person) and after I’d read Eragon (a 15 year old wrote that, why not me?) I knew I had to do something about the stories I had in my head and the weird dreams I felt compelled to keep track of.

My first completed book was a EPIC FANTASY of EPIC proportions called DAWN OF DISARRAY (I am considering retro-fitting this story to be a continuation story for a series I’m currently writing… and it will be EPIC.)

Next, I wrote a HISTORICAL FANTASY about Elizabeth Tudor in a time when historical fantasies were NOT a thing. Like….at all. This story ended up being almost 300k words…basically 3 books in 1….because, it’s history of course, not because I was a newb and liked to read my own words.

When I finally got a publisher for ELIZABETH TUDOR: ANCESTRY OF SORCERY, I was strongly advised (told) to divided it into 3 books. And may I just say, crafting an ending (2 new endings since it’s a trilogy) in the middle of that huge saga was not the most glorious thing I’ve ever done. Still, I love Elizabeth, I hope I gave her a happier ending than she was able to give herself. #thankfulwomenhaverights

*Little did I know that this, crafting endings where they don’t belong to conform to publishing standards, would again be an issue for me later down the road.*

My third (5th if you count Elizabeth as 3) book called BLOOD OF THE GODS is a contemporary fantasy (urban fantasy) I wrote to be a bright shiny GOD filled opposite to the dark, lame-o-girl, choose the wrong guy (TEAM JACOB), pine and can’t live your life (these are facts, so don’t hate me) without a dead, sparkly, vegetarian vampire of granite, mojo Twilight has going on. (I actually ADORE Twilight. I was up at midnight for those books. Shhh!) Plus, I read TIGERS CURSE and fell in love with East Indian mythology. So I delved in and found Zoroastrianism and Persian gods and was hooked. I wrote that book in 3 months. It was fun and I am shopping it now, anyone interested?

The last book(s) (3 in one, I told you this would be a problem) I’ve written (completed) are the Guardians of the Garden series. I did a video for my inspiration of this book, here. But if you are uninterested in watching me ramble, unscripted, for ten minutes…

…this book started with a question and a dream, “What about Cherubim? What if the legend of a tree whose fruit could give eternal life were true?” This of course lead me into interesting places. I further wondered “What if the Garden of Eden, with its Tree of Life, were actually on the earth.”

I had to craft a new ending one third of the way through this story, which created a bit of a cliffhanger, but never fear, all three books are written and will be out as fast as humanly possible.

Immortal works picked Guardians up July of 2019 and we published it Oct. 2020.

I am shopping BLOOD OF THE GODS. I am SLOWLY writing a new series called HOW TO DATE A CELEBRITY about a vampire matchmaker. I am also working on something totally different, a discourse about the usefulness of pain. Which I plan on pitching to Christian markets.

Welp, that’s pretty much me. Thanks for making it all the way to the end. Please consider signing up for my Newsletter. I am putting together some free content to distribute there. I am fairly active on social media. You can follow me, stalk me, friend me, mock me (J/K) Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Wattpad, Pinterest. You can also contact me at or see some of the books I’ve reviewed at Let’s keep in contact. And if you read my books please review them. How do I know how you all are feeling about my art if you don’t. Thanks!

Love, Theresa