At the heart of the backward and isolated town of Edenia lives a secret kept safe for six thousand years. All that stands between this secret and the end of the world are the Guardians of the Garden.

Miriam is so done with protecting immortality. Rejected by the other Guardians because of her strange powers, Miriam would gladly turn her back on Edenia to take a chance on the outside world. At least there she would be free from the garden’s magic, free to lead her own life, and free to never again think about ancient apples, or duty, or life unending. 

Seth Johnson’s sister is losing her battle with cancer, and his parents seem to have given up on trying to save her. He cannot let her die. He will do anything to stop it including cut a deal with a mercenary.

Neither Seth nor Miriam want to be caught up in the tide of fate and feelings destined for them, but with such harshly opposing goals their worlds are bound to collide. If Miriam and Seth cannot find a way to have faith in each other this will end with the death of a beloved sister, a destroyed relationship, and the secret of immortality revealed to a pre-apocalyptic world.

Pocock takes her readers to a land where myth, folklore and reality merge, where love is strong, fear runs deep, and the end of the world is coming.


Enchanting folklore mixed with contemporary struggles. If you liked THE CRUEL PRINCE you’ll love the GUARDIANS OF THE GARDEN!
  –D.J. Butler, author of WITCHY EYE

Pocock’s writing is, in turn, lyrical, humorous, tense, and introspective. Her combination of relatable, clever dialogue and soul-searching prose gives each of her characters a three-dimensional feel. The mystery surrounding Edenia’s origins and powers are revealed with excellent pacing. The author trusts the reader to make inferences based on what they might be familiar with, but also incorporates an engaging, original take on the existence and purpose of the Garden of Eden.” 
–Jessica Lawson, author of NOOKS AND CRANNIES

“I was lucky enough to get ahold of an ARC of this book during a phase when I wasn’t reading much and wasn’t really interested in reading. This book broke right through that mental barrier. From the first chapter Pocock pulled me right into a complex and marvelous world.” –Melanie Atkinson, author of SEA DWELLERS

“It is nice when you find a book with characters that have real depth to them without sacrificing on the plot.
”  –Erica Mills, author of KEEPING HOUSE

Artist renditions of Edenians

Eve, Peter, Miriam, Seth, Abbigal, Lillian, Ezekeil