HOW TO DATE A CELEBRITY is a collection of love stories with the common thread of Alaina Bittenhollow and CHEMICAL ATTRACTION wove throughout.

Owner and operator of CHEMICAL ATTRACTION, a super trendy dating website, Alaina Bittenhollow loves to help the everyday Joe and Jane make love connections. She’s invented a cutting edge way to organizing personal data and use it to help people make truly astounding and long lasting attachments. What the brochure won’t tell you is how Alaina uses all the gathered information to help her special clientele. Celebrities.

Of course many celebrities prefer dating their own kind, so Alaina brands a transparency site called CA.2 for the elite. CA.2 allows celebrities to compare their personal profiles at extreme levels and has become a dating must-have in tinsel town. The ultra-beautiful and ultra-rich use it to compare factual personality traits a novel concept for many. But this hyper truthful situation drastically changes the dating scene in Hollywood and instantly creates a group of celebrities unhappy with their options and looking for a more home-grown kind of love.

Alaina faces this challenge with a brilliant strategy. She matches celebrities with regular people via a super-secret algorithm. Then she plans and executes organic situations in which her ‘special clients’ can meet and form attachments with their non-celebrity matches. It might require a lot of scheduling, manpower, and a bit of stage makeup but everyone in on this huge secret agrees the results are worth the effort.