Selene, goddess of the night, blends into the darkness of the mountain. She carefully pulls the light that is her true self more completely out of the dimension her physical form resides and into the plane where celestial beings thrive. This folding of light creates a vacuum where darkness is doubly dark. In effect, hiding her absolutely.

Xerses, also of the night, drives a human vehicle which pulls an animal trailer. Instead of beasts though, it hauls mortals. They’d left the human cities behind long ago and wound up a switch-backed mountain road.

Earlier Selene had watched as Xerses questioned the humans as to where to go but she could ascertain nothing of his true destination by his words. Thus the following.

 Now well hidden, she anticipates the distance she must rise to stay near him but just as she takes a step through the void, Xerses’ black eyes turn her way.  His vehicle slows and so, it seems, does time. He stares into the darkness and she knows he knows.

He breaks into her thoughts. I see you, you bad little spider.

She sends back, You have no manners; get out of my head.

His voice comes again, Stop following me and I will try to be more considerate.

She steps out of the shadow and speaks forcefully at him through the godly bond in their minds. I am sent by Darius. You toe the covenants. These are Rhea’s lands. She demands that you get out.


No? Are you no longer afraid of the oath sword? Have we left you to your own devises, such as treating these mortals like chattel, for so long that you feel you may do anything? What if one of them dies… Why can you not just stay away from them as the rest of us do?

I wouldn’t call what you do with them, staying away. His deep voice layers the comment with innuendo and a wicked laughter sounds in her head.

You lower gods will never learn, will you!

I am not here to learn. What could I, a god, possibly learn from mortals? I am here to enjoy the creation of Ahura Mazda and to thwart you.

            This is an old argument. I understand that I cannot change your mind so believe what you like, but you must obey the covenants or the god of oaths will rain lightening on you. She sneered at him.

Darius had not said he’d act, but she couldn’t help threatening it, not with Xerses provoking her.

I am warned. Now be gone or I will remove you.

The threat feels real so she turns away. Not because she believes he can hurt her, but because she is not prepared to get in a conflict with so many humans nearby. Besides, the damage is done.  She knows where he is, and his direction for continuing, he can no longer hide. She Also she can witness to his rebelling and if she must she will include his treatment of his human companions perhaps combined the infraction will be enough for Darius to warn him.

Pulling the darkness around again her she gives herself to it and lets it carry her away with the wind.