BLOOD OF THE GODS tells the story of a mostly mortal girl who stands between the new generation of godchildren and their ultimate goal, the power of creation.

Unbeknownst to nineteen-year-old Julia Jane, she comes from a clandestine line of Theohaima (mortals with a drop of godly blood). Theohaima cannot be controlled by godly influence and thus are the only mortals that can truly choose to love (agape) the gods. The four-thousand-year-old godchildren of light, whom are living on earth attempting to prove their worth to their creators, have no idea why they cannot gain their ultimate goal: ktisis (the power to create new worlds), until they meet Julia, bond with her, and experience the responsibility and vulnerability that truly defines being a god. Julia discovers the unexpected in this journey as well. She finds trust despite her troubled past, love in spite of only believing in lust, and strength to fight her inner demons (and some outer ones too). However, the godchildren of darkness also discover a way of gaining ktisis: by capturing and draining Theohaima of their godly blood. What none of the godchildren know is how much they need one another and the Theohaima in order to transcend into Elder gods capable of creating new worlds.