Food Addicts Anonymous: A How to Date a Celebrity independent story | Kindle Vella (

CHEMICAL ATTRACTION will find your soulmate.

C.A., a super trendy dating website invented by Alaina Bittenhollow, helps everyday Joe’s and Jane’s make profound love connections using a cutting-edge algorithm that organizes and integrates personal data. What the brochure won’t tell you is how Alaina uses this information to help her special clientele. Celebrities. Unhappy with ‘Hollywood’ fake, these celebrities look for real connections outside the limelight.

In this story, we will follow Carsten Janx, a hot, boy-band member as he searches for his soulmate.

We will also meet Nella, a confirmed (but recovering)foodie who has an uncanny resemblance to a voluptuous Reese Whitherspoon and a job like Andi Sachs from Devil Wears Prada.

Follow these two as they navigate life and love and chemical attraction in the Big Apple.

This is a one-off from my series (still writing) called HOW TO DATE A CELEBRITY. Meaning it’s an independent story. You don’t need to have read anything else.