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There are a few books I read concurrently that inspired me to start my website,  These books are so awesome as far as plot goes but they have something in them that just completely turned me off so I couldn’t finish either the book or the series. This of course broke my heart. I am nothing if not a finisher. I feel compelled to keep beating my head against a novel hoping to shake out how it got published. Many times holding out to the last page with faith that somehow the value of the story will be revealed magically in the last 200 words. But when the last 200 words are a sordid sex scene or something with tons of cussing or so much violence or something evil, I lament my wasted time. I want to help people with that problem. Thus Cleanlit.

Since this is such a motivating and important topic to me, I’m going to make a few round-ups on the subject. This first one is the easiest probably because I am the most sensitive to it….sex. MOST of the titles below are not labeled ROMANCE and yet they have graphic sex in them.(SO Bad) However, the story part of these stories are so smart and funny and well written(SO good). Hoping to inform one and all so you can BEWARE (or enjoy them if that is what floats your boat).

Naked Werewolf Series

Succubus Blues

The Handmaids Tale

Perfect Chemistry

Something Borrowed

Dead Until Dark


Halfway To The Grave

True Love And Other Disasters

The Game Of Thrones



On The Edge

The D.U.F.F.


and many more, check out my DNF folder at

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