BEST SELLERS LIST/ Extending Raffle until 11/6

Guardians of the Garden on the Best Sellers list

There are two important numbers on this post. First, look at that beautiful review number. **8** I am so grateful for that support.

SECOND, my book has risen two slots to #5 on the new release best seller list(YA category.) That is because of YOU!! Thank you.


I have one more week as a “new release”. If I can rank up to #1 in that time, my book will be an amazon best seller!!!

If any of you have been considering buying my book could you please do it this week? Kindle or paperback it doesn’t matter.

And just to give back, I am going to keep my Raffle open for 7 more days. That means everyone who buys my book and enters the raffle will have a chance to win a free book, a t-shirt, posters, bookmarks. (Raffle sign up on the home page)

Thank you so much for helping me. This is actually a big deal for me. A dream, really. And I hope to give back to you by providing you hours of entertainment with my amazing book.

Please, and thank you a million times!!!I will put the link to Amazon in the comments.

Love, Theresa

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